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*“Self Identities”, les Urbaines 2017–2019* - © © Eurostandard, Swiss Design Awards Blog
*“Self Identities”, les Urbaines 2017–2019* - © © Eurostandard, Swiss Design Awards Blog
*“Self Identities”, les Urbaines 2017–2019* - © © Eurostandard, Swiss Design Awards Blog
Here: Self IdentitiesOver the last three years, the young graphic design studio Eurostandard has been responsible for the visual identity of the art festival Les Urbaines in Lausanne. The studio has risen to the challenge of developing the fluid and experimental identity of an eclectic, hybrid and yet very popular festival, close to the local population and the trends of urban culture. Given carte blanche, the studio’s work was considered as part of the festival’s artistic programme.
There: Unconventional tools for unconventional eventsThe studio, founded 2015 by Ali-Eddine Abdelkhalek, Pierrick Brégeon and Clément Rouzaud following a workshop they gave in Milan, brings together skills in graphic design and media & interaction design. Thanks to its transdisciplinary competence, the team is able to develop specific computational tools for each of its graphical projects, thus creating tailor-made solutions for each new commission. Establishing the letter U as the basic symbol for the festival throughout the three editions, the studio deployed a variety of non-conventional digital tools in animation and automation to produce a large range of versatile visuals reflecting the multiple identities of the festival and its artists for posters, flyers, programmes, a website and social media.
Everywhere: ConvergenceThe team were guided in their choice of the tools by the technologies used for selfies and chat apps — both essential channels for the contemporary presentation of the self. As these tools, like emojis, have now so deeply pervaded everyday life that they are part of urban existence, the studio plays with them and allows them to mutate, addressing in visual form questions of identity, gender and inclusiveness that are at the core of many of the festival’s acts. The studio’s work was awarded at the Graphic Design Festival Scotland. Its design for the book Early Video Art and Experimental Films Networks was one of the Most Beautiful Swiss Books 2017.
Eurostandard(Ali-Eddine Abdelkhalek 1989 / Pierrick Brégeon 1986, Clément Rouzaud *1988), Studio based in Lausanne,
EducationAli-Eddine Abdelkhalek: BA in Media & Interaction Design, ECAL, Lausanne / Pierrick Brégeon & Clément Rouzaud: BA in Graphic Design, ECAL, Lausanne
Project(s)Self Identities, les Urbaines, Lausanne 2017–2019

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