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*Human Territoriality, 24 Parallel South* - © © Roger Eberhard, Swiss Design Awards Blog
*Human Territoriality, Dahala Khagrabari* - © © Roger Eberhard, Swiss Design Awards Blog
*Human Territoriality, 100th Meridian* - © © Roger Eberhard, Swiss Design Awards Blog
Here: Human TerritorialityIn 50 images from 42 places, Roger Eberhard maps what is always meant to last forever, and yet constantly changes: borders. The series brings together a full range of possibilities, each picture containing another story of a border. As he says, in some cases the borders have shifted just a few hundred metres due to global warming or the alteration of landscapes; in others, entire empires on both sides of the border have long since ceased to exist. Only the label attached to the image recalls the struggle, ongoing or past, that the place is subjected to. Nevertheless, as the Süddeutsche Zeitung writes, “the images contain a comforting truth: the transience of division among people”.
There: Collecting placesHuman Territoriality will be shown in Switzerland at Mai 36, Zurich and at Robert Morat Galerie in Berlin, and published as a book by Patrick Frey. Eberhard’s previous publication, Standard from 2016 also presents a kind of mapping, turned inside out: a collection of standard hotel rooms in 32 cities over 5 continents — a work included in the worldwide touring exhibition Civilization: The Way we Live Now. Additionally, Wilted country is a collection of eerie empty places, abandoned over the course of economic eras in the American West.
Everywhere: Places and peopleIn Good Light is a much shorter series, focusing on people. In classical studio portraits, Roger Eberhard portrays individuals who have lost their homes. The series, now in the permanent collection of the Santa Barbara Museum of Art and published as a book, “shows a sensitive and respectful approach to difficult situations of life and features impressive personalities who have maintained their dignity and self-respect despite the struggle of living on the edge of society.” With this work in mind, we see how the places Eberhard collects are in fact always places for and by people — who ultimately appear as the real sujet of his images.
Roger Eberhard(*1984), Based in Zurich,
EducationMA in Fine Arts, ZHdK, Zurich; BA in Fine Arts, Brooks Institute of Photography, Santa Barbara, USA
Project(s)Human Territoriality, 2017–2020

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