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*Phasma* - © © AATB, Swiss Design Awards Blog
*Phasma* - © © AATB, Swiss Design Awards Blog
*Phasma in Process* - © © AATB, Swiss Design Awards Blog
Here: Phasma lampThe Phasma lamp is a modular lighting system developed by the experimental design studio AATB using the basic substrate of all circuit boards found in common electronic appliances: the printed circuit board (PCB). Based on three primitive elements that connect, the lamp becomes a custom drawing against the wall, emitting a warm glow when the LEDs on the back are turned on. It is the first serial product by the studio, which creates interactive installations that take robotics technologies and automation processes out of the factories, and was shown at the Milan Design Week in 2019 and chosen for the Shenzhen Creative Week 2020.
There: Appropriating technologyEach element of the system consists of circuit boards that act as both functional and structural components. A 3D printed assembly system enables each module to be linked, and when pressed together they become electrically connected. Through their hands-on research and a background in graphic design, fine arts and interaction design, Andrea Anner and Thibault Brevet have questioned the flexibility of the typical green rectangles hidden in all our electronics. Taking them out of the box and fundamentally reshaping them, diverting the tools of the industry, they develop a surprisingly cheap and robust design.
Everywhere: Practice for non-industrial roboticsAndrea Anner and Thibault Brevet started the collaborative practice AATB in 2018 around the idea of non-industrial robotics, experimenting with robotic arms and industrial automation processes. Together they develop works that explore human-machine interactions through the lens of kinetic and interactive products. A Particular Score, shown in 2019 at the Biennial da Maia in Portugal, is an installation that records the impact of secondary particles from cosmic rays, transforming it into an endless live concert in which we are the audience. Sunny Side Up is another lamp, made of a robot arm equipped with a high-intensity LED orbiting around a rod. The artificial, and obviously absurd, sun dial turned up first at the Milan Design Week in 2018 and later in 2019 at Ars Electronica in Linz.
AATB(Andrea Anner 1985, Thibault Brevet 1988), Based in Zurich and Marseille, www.aatb.ch
EducationAndrea Anner: MA in Type Design, ECAL, Lausanne, CH; BA in Visual Communication, ZHdK, Zurich, Thibault Brevet: MA in Fine Arts, BA in Visual Communication, ECAL, Lausanne
Project(s)Phasma lamp, 2019

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