Eckart Maise and Jay Osgerby

Online Tuesday

A conversation between Eckart Maise (Consultant at the intersection of design and business) and Jay Osgerby (Founding director of Barber Osgerby) as part of the Swiss Design Awards online programme Failure Is Not an Option?. They talk about what failure means for the creative design practice of Barber Osgerby and about their career as design entrepreneurs. Further we hear them discuss the importance of setting constraints and leading a dialogue in the design process. Finally, they speak about how difficult it is for organizations to keep the balance between forward looking creativity and the need for stability — a challenge that becomes even more significant in times of crisis.

Where Do We Eat Now?

Swiss Design Awards 2020 finalists moderated by Yves Mettler, live at 2 pm

Starting from the habits and customs around eating, the essay “Designing Togetherness” described how these nominee’s work introduce changes or transfer values through their designs, as much as through the products and the processes and networks they built.

Ida Gut and Lela Scherrer

Online Wednesday

Ida Gut (fashion designer and entrepreneur) meets fashion and concept designer Lela Scherrer to talk about the challenges facing the fashion industry in the context of the Swiss Design Awards 2020 online programme Failure Is Not an Option? How can a successful long-term career be achieved in this complex environment? What factors need to be considered in production in order to bring a successful creation to the market? Ida Gut is a winner of the Swiss Grand Award for Design 2020. Christoph Hefti, member of the Federal Design Commission until 2019, comments: “Ida Gut has matched her creativity to a business model that allows her high-quality, exquisitely minimalistic and captivating designs to achieve the perfection she considers essential. Her garments are as individual as her clients and yet she sets up a dialogue between them, transforming her specially conceived shop into a sensual place of encounter and exchange.”

Shifts in Publishing

Swiss Design Awards 2020 finalists moderated by Yves Mettler, live at 5 pm

How have publishing practices, mostly away from mainstream press and on a self-organised basis, impacted (or not) by the pandemic?
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