Jonathan Hares

Graphic Design

*Lineto 3.0* - © © Lineto, Swiss Design Awards Blog
*Lineto 3.0* - © © Lineto, Swiss Design Awards Blog
*Lineto 3.0* - © © Lineto, Swiss Design Awards Blog
Here: Lineto 3.0Jonathan Hares is a multifaceted graphic designer moving between exhibition, book and web design. He developed fonts as an exhibition designer for a Superstudio exhibition at the Design Museum in London which became the starting point for his collaboration with Lineto in 2003. is a Zurich-based digital type foundry established in 1993. It is known for publishing typefaces created by contemporary graphic designers primarily known for their work outside of a purely typographic discipline. The project was the total re-design of the online platform and visual identity and Jonathan Hares was responsible for the art direction of the site. The site’s goal was to be visually rich but with a light touch, engaging yet cryptic but hopefully rewarding. A popular feature is the timeline, a mapping mostly inspired by the Fluxus charts of George Maciunas, to present the foundry’s contributors, past and present.
There: A type with a shop, not a shop for typeLineto 3.0 was a collaborative digital project involving very close contact between Lineto and the designers, writers and coders. The point of departure was to create a site that could best display Lineto’s font collection and act as a flexible publishing platform that is able to present type, going beyond the act of simply selling. Inspiration was drawn from combining the best of classic print-based type specimens with the possibilities of dynamic web technology. The site is under constant development, with new features, typefaces and functions coming online.
EverywhereTogether with Laurent Benner, Hares designed the catalogues for the Most Beautiful Swiss Books and later launched the Swiss Design Awards website, establishing an online archive of their activities. As a book designer he won the gold medal at the Leipzig-based Best Book Design from all over the World in 2015 for Architecture from the Arab World 1914–2014. He has been designing publications and exhibitions on a regular basis for the White Cube gallery, London and the Canadian Centre for Architecture in Montreal. Hares won several times in the competition Most Beautiful Swiss Books over the last 10 years and in 2020 he won the silver medal at Die schönsten Bücher aus aller Welt in Leipzig.
Jonathan Hares(*1975), Based in Lausanne,
EducationRoyal College of Art, London
Project(s)Lineto 3.0, 2019

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