Philipp Herrmann

Graphic Design

*Ramazzotti Custom Typeface* - © © Outofthedark, Swiss Design Awards Blog
*RAW Specimen* - © © Outofthedark, Swiss Design Awards Blog
*ToY Typeface* - © © Outofthedark, Swiss Design Awards Blog
Here: Out of the DarkOut of the Dark Typefaces is a Zurich-based type foundry established in 2013 by Philipp Herrmann. While Out of the Dark offers a varied series of consistent retail typefaces for print, web and mobile environments, Herrmann also works with design agencies to create bespoke typefaces, such as SMG Sans with North Design for the Science Museum Group, UK, Campari for Campari Group and Ausano for Ramazzotti, both with the agency Landor in Milan.
There: Get the whole pictureHerrmann, a self-taught type designer with a background in visual communication, sets out his key approach to a bespoke typeface in an interview with Maddy Olsen: “I try to establish a formal consistency and create an appropriate and powerful appearance. I try to translate requested ‘gimmicks’ into useful no-nonsense typographic features. In the end, a typeface is a system of several hundred glyphs which have to intertwine. I am interested in exploring the design within this system.”
Everywhere: Glyph by glyphHerrmann’s retail designs, such as Blitz (2016), RAW (2017), SoLow (2018), Atak (2019) and ToY (2019), also offer vivid identities and a solid appearance. At the same time, they reveal an exploratory spirit that operates at the edge of bad taste and crosses over classical genre definitions. While pushing the limits and looking for the perfect form for each glyph, he never loses sight of the whole.
Philipp Herrmann(*1981), Based in Zurich,
EducationBA in Visual Communication, HGKZ, Zurich
Project(s)Out of the Dark Typefaces, since 2013

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