Lina Müller

Graphic Design

*Illustrationen für Reportagen Magazin* - © © Lina Mueller, Swiss Design Awards Blog
*Illustrationen für Reportagen Magazin* - © © Lina Mueller, Swiss Design Awards Blog
*Illustrationen für Reportagen Magazin* - © © Lina Mueller, Swiss Design Awards Blog
Here: Illustrations for ReportagenLina Müller presents a series of illustrations realised for the bimonthly cultural magazine Reportagen – “das unabhängige Magazin für erzählte Gegenwart”, focussing on stories by authors writing from within places around the world. The stories often present complex and unsettling topics, such as the love story of a woman who loves a mute linguist, or come from places such as tense border cities.
There: Symbiotic processWorking on two stories per issue, with each issue being defined by a colour along with black, the illustrator works in close collaboration with the book designers, the studio Moiré Grafik. Müller exploits the restricted possibilities by working extensively with densities and layers to create the nuances of her drawings. Developing a symbiotic process that blends analogue and digital techniques, Lina Müller always starts from hand-painted elements, further worked out with digital tools. The final images fit both media, in the high-end paperback print as well as in the online magazine.
Everywhere: Independent & publishingLina Müller has received commissions from Amnesty International, le Phare, the magazine of the Centre Culturel Suisse Paris, Emergence Magazine, Das Narr, Greenpeace, NEON, Opernhaus Zürich, Süddeutsche Zeitung Magazin, SWISS International Air Lines, Theater Gessnerallee and WOZ, among many others. In 2019 she published Solvik at Nieves Books with Luca Schenardi, presented at the NY Art Book Fair. In 2014 she founded the independent publishing house Edition Plonkers Only together with Luca Schenardi.
Lina Müller(*1981), Based in Altdorf,
EducationDiploma in Illustration (2006), HGK, Lucerne
Project(s)Illustration for Reportagen magazine, 2018–2020

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