Luca Schenardi

Graphic Design

*041 Magazin (Cover)* - © © Luca Schenardi, Swiss Design Awards Blog
*041 Magazin* - © © Luca Schenardi, Swiss Design Awards Blog
*Freie Arbeit* - © © Luca Schenardi, Swiss Design Awards Blog
*NZZ Geschichte* - © © Luca Schenardi, Swiss Design Awards Blog
Here: OverviewSince 2003 the independent Illustrator Luca Schenardi has been developing a unique illustration style combined with a deep commitment to the topics he deals with in his commissions. He readily addresses challenging societal topics such as genetic manipulation, comfort binge watching, Süddeutsche Magazin, or historical topics such as plague pandemics in Europe for the NZZ. Schenardi also works often in the cultural field, for cultural magazines such as 041 or making story illustrations. He’s also been involved in longer projects, such as the poster series for the Schauspielhaus Zürich, where he worked closely with the directors and dramaturges to fully grasp the essence of each play.
There: Print patternsOver the years, Schenardi has developed a specific hybrid technique for his illustrations. Combining digital and analogue approaches, he layers screen patterns from various laser printers to create an analogue texture for his digital drawings. His expressive style also reflects his interest in music, and he designs many posters for concerts and album covers. Involved in international collaborations, he has designed the sleeves for the electro/ambient label Patience and an exclusive t-shirt for the Australian psychedelic rock band Tame Impala.
Everywhere: Multiple layersLuca Schenardi is a regular illustrator for the WOZ and his illustrations have been published in kinki magazine, Hochparterre, NEON, NZZ, Rolling Stone magazine, Strapazin, WWF magazine, DIE ZEIT, and Züritipp. He has published two books with Edition Patrick Frey: Meyer spricht von Gratiskaffee in 2017, and An Vogelhäusern mangelt es jedoch nicht, 2012, both designed by the former Hi studio.
Luca Schenardi(*1978), Based in Altdorf,
EducationDiploma in Illustration (2002), HGK, Lucerne

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