Luca Xavier Tanner

Fashion + Textile Design

*Fréquence 01* - © photo © Justine Stella Knuchel, Swiss Design Awards Blog
*Fréquence 01* - © photo © Justine Stella Knuchel, Swiss Design Awards Blog
*Fréquence 01* - © photo © Justine Stella Knuchel, Swiss Design Awards Blog
Here: fréquence_01For his Master diploma collection, Luca Xavier Tanner drew inspiration from the unpleasant experience of treading on a freshly discarded piece of chewing-gum. Taking no offence and with a good sense of humour, the designer picks the disturbance as key moment for his MA collection: the intrusion and unplanned attachment of an alien element to an existing whole.
There: Integrating, collaging, substituting and expandingTanner formalises that intrusive moment, working either on existing apparel or on existing patterns. For the first, he hangs the existing pieces up and slices them along arbitrary lines; for the second, he draws geometrical lines across existing patterns before applying them to a fabric. In both cases, Tanner then inserts pieces of cloth, expanding its original forms and volumes, recoding the given cuts and proportions. Taking the initial source of inspiration somewhat further, Tanner uses latex for the inserts, suggesting the feeling of sliced open, mutated and expanding body parts.
Everywhere: Sliding into the openInspired by designers such as Lucie Meier, Luca Tanner is interested in the evolution of men’s and women’s wear, and the evolution of gender roles in fashion, which he reflects in some of the garments of his collection that fit any gender. Tanner’s smart and witty collection demonstrates a sensibility for fashion and textiles nurtured since his childhood, growing up in a tailor’s family, and more recently through his experience at Eckhaus Latta in New York after his BA in fashion in Basel.
Luca Xavier Tanner(*1990), Based in Biel and Zurich,
EducationEducation: MA in Fashion Design, HEAD, Geneva
Project(s)fréquence_01, 2019

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